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Just like normal dental care, dentures need to be constantly cared for. Good habits at home and regular denturist visits. Dentures periodically need to be adjusted for a proper fit to avoid causing discomfort or difficulty chewing. Periodically, your denturist may recommend that your dentures be relined or resurfaced to conform to the changing contours of your mouth.

Two Types of Relines

A hard reline is a procedure that needs to be done as often as every two or three years. A hard reline cannot be done during a dental visit, and is processed in our laboratory for accuracy.

A soft reline is for patients with sensitive gums who develop painful spots from the underside of their dentures. Dental professionals line the denture with soft material that requires more frequent relining. Temporary relines are also available to people who have worn their dentures so long, that their gums become swollen or misshapen.