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Immediate Dentures

If you have been advised that you need an Immediate Denture, it is done to avoid being without teeth.

Impressions of your mouth are taken while your natural teeth are still present. The Denturist will then fabricate a denture of your natural teeth including any necessary modifications you may want. After your natural teeth are extracted, your custom immediate denture is then inserted. While your gums go through the healing process, you will retain the use of your teeth.


Because the Denturist is unable to pre-fit the denture prior to extracting your teeth, some esthetic compromises may be necessary. The results are normally acceptable.

It is important to follow the postoperative instructions of your Denturist.

While healing, oral tissues recede and some denture adjustments may be required through follow-up appointments. For the best fit and comfort, a temporary liner or tissue conditioner may be used. Bone and gum tissue will continue to shrink to some degree over the next few months, decreasing with time.

After the healing process, either new permanent full dentures will be made or your dentures will be relined or rebased, ensuring the most comfortable fit possible.