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What are Complete Dentures?

Complete or Full Dentures replace all the teeth in either your upper, lower jaw, or both. Full Dentures are only needed when all teeth are missing. In the many cases top teeth have all been lost and some bottom teeth remain.

An example of a complete set of dentures.

When a patient no longer has any of their own teeth, they must all be replaced by full upper and full lower Dentures (a prosthesis). Your Denturist specializes in ensuring your dentures are comfortable and proper fitting.

How do Complete Dentures Stay in Place?

Complete dentures stay in place by suction and muscle control. This suction is created by the forces that act on saliva between the base of the denture and your gums.

A Denturist is a Specialist for this Type of Treatment

They are specialists in the field of replacing and restoring teeth (both fixed and removable options). It may be that your mouth is not a favourable shape, that your expectations of what the dentures can do are optimistic or that you may need to consider having dental implants to stabilize the denture.

There can be different issues associated with complete dentures, your Denturist can help clarify and present options to restore your smile and oral comfort.

How often do I need a check-up if I have Complete Dentures?

If you wear a full set of dentures, you still need to visit the denturist for a checkup once a year. If you have any problems it is very important for the denturist to continue to check for any abnormalities, such as infection and to check that your dentures are fitting and functioning well. It only takes a few minutes and can help to identify problems early before any damage occurs.